Our Story

It All Began With Your Dreams & Visions

A Little About Us

We, team FRISCO EVENTO wouldn't be having a story to share, if it was not for your dreams & visions. You made us who we are now and we love to be at your service to make your moments colorfully yours.

FRISCO EVENTO was officially launched in 2016 by an aspiring NRI group, aiming to deliver quality events with innovative concepts and global standards. International experiences our foundation team gained over the past decade has laid a strong base for FRISCO EVENTO, which is always getting strengthened by the learnings from every single event we handle, the global trends, and the continuous educational programs the team undergoes.

The success behind our story is nothing but our openness, focus, attention to every details, design in depth approach, exceptional organizing skills and commitment to work beyond you've visioned it.

At FRISCO EVENTO, we all come to work every day to find innovative ways to realize your dreams and to cherish your moments to its best so they stay in your memory forever.
Some say not all dreams can be true... We say nothing is impossible if you approach it with a smile and have the right envisioning, proper planning and perfect organizing skills.

Do you have a dream to realize? Then we have got the skills to get you covered and together we can make your dream true.

We are based in Calicut, Just a call away from your dream.
Happy Dreaming!!

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